Living Together Reading Group

This is an open call to join a new Living Together Reading Group – a Becontree book club of sorts.  We’ll be meeting – online to begin with – every two months from April over 2021 (and maybe beyond…) to discuss a book together. This will be a relaxing and light-hearted way to come together and talk through books that we might not usually read, that have been chosen as they respond to themes of the Living Together project. It could be fiction about place – think JG Ballard, or something more political and locally rooted – Bloody Nasty Party by Daniel Trilling or something we decide amongst ourselves as a group.

Books will be provided, with the first text being chosen by Verity. These will be made available in print, e-reader format or audio.
Readings from each text will be streamed on LT TV bi-monthly. 

Get in touch if you’d like to join and share with anyone you think might be interested.
(Image from the Egbert E. Smart Collection at Valence House)