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January / Walk #1 North to South Streaming on LT TV on Thursday 25th February 2021 at 6.30pm. Moving image walk  by Verity-Jane Keefe, walking through time and space as an introduction to Living Together and Becontree. The route is mapped in the Where is Becontree section of this website so you can go and […]

Banjo on the Banjo Screening

Excited to finally be able to share a short video of Banjo on the Banjo, next Saturday 14th August between 12 – 4pm at Sydney Russell School in Becontree as part of the Becontree Forever Weekender. It will be showing alongside some brilliant artists’ works – more info below. I will also be streaming BotB […]

The Becontree Collection: Open Call

What does Becontree mean to you? What object do you think represents where you live. This is the first open call of Living Together – get in touch with any photographs or videos that you’ve taken in Becontree at any point over the last 100 years. Did you take photos on your phone over lockdown? […]

Living Together Reading Group

This is an open call to join a new Living Together Reading Group – a Becontree book club of sorts.  We’ll be meeting – online to begin with – every two months from April over 2021 (and maybe beyond…) to discuss a book together. This will be a relaxing and light-hearted way to come together and talk through […]


The Centenary Begins…2021 marks the beginning of the centenary for Becontree. It took 13 years to finish and 14 until the red ribbon was cut to commemorate its completion. There will be a lot going on across the estate and as part of Living Together and the wider programme of centenary works.

Living Together Website

This website will be launching on 1st January 2021. It will be filled with a lot more content and information on the public programme and all the different ways you can get involved. This is constantly evolving as we adapt to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Whatever situation we find ourselves in, there will be ways […]

Tim Burrows / Chapter 1, Spring

Very happy to share that I have invited the brilliant Tim Burrows to do a writing residency over 2021 as part of Living Together with four seasonal outputs. To respond to Becontree and the Living Together project and themes, walking and talking with me. Following a series of online meetings where i’ve walked him across […]


A walk will be streamed on LT TV on Thursday 29th April at 6.30. Join for a moment of it, or the full walk. In the spirit of slow television, a moving image walk from east to west in real time, across Becontree. The walking route is available on the map section of the website […]

Tim Burrows / Chapter 2, Summer

Very happy to share the second instalment of Tim Burrows’ writing residency with you, now available online here. This will continue over 2021 as part of Living Together with four seasonal outputs. To respond to Becontree and the Living Together project and themes, walking and talking with me. We meet, we walk, we talk, he […]

Walk #3 Walking with Rodrigo

The third virtual walk will be broadcast on LT TV on the 1st July at 7pm. This time I will be walking with Rodrigo, a member of The Becontree Group, a group or residents I set up in 2019 who have been meeting monthly in real life and by post over lockdown, walking through his […]

Living Together, Becontree Collection Billboards

Really happy to share that The Becontree Collection billboards will be installed from Monday 9th August until 4th September. There’s more information here with all the locations – keep your eyes peeled and share any images you take using #LivingTogetherVJK Install photographs will be shared over the coming weeks. Installed in nine locations across the […]